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Seasons of Steam
Steam in Britain has enjoyed a renaissance unequalled anywhere in the world - thanks to the Railway Preservation Movement & the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of volunteers & professional railwaymen.
Incorporating a small number of classic images from the popular 'Seasons of Steam' calendar series alongside many previously unpublished photographs, this 104-page pictorial tribute invites you to celebrate more than 40 years of British preserved steam.
The contributors to Seasons of Steam have tried to convey the thrill of photographing steam today. Is it possible that pictures of preserved steam could equal those taken during the 'Glorious Years'? Only you can be the judge!
Seasons of Steam concentrates on steam in the landscape. Each page invites you to turn back the clock, not to lament the loss of a favourite engine or railway line, but to celebrate Britain's steam heritage, to marvel at what has been saved. In many instances, double-page spreads depict the same engine, or class, in a contrasting season or setting. Elsewhere representatives from the same region complement each other. The authors make no apologies for their bias towards British Railways livery - good, bad or indifferent, it was the livery that we knew! $39.95+Shipping